1910 Daimler Tourer

1910 Daimler Tourer

Engine: 2.1 litre 4 Cylinder
Output: 16 bhp
Top Speed: 45 mph

This car was supplied by Daimler as a rolling chassis and was delivered new to the Christie family of Blackhills near Elgin. The family commissioned a coachbuilders by the name of Shinnie of Aberdeen who built what you see today. The family had the vehicle up to 1939 where it appears to have been left to disrepair and was towed to the local scrapyard .

It was rescued from there by two Polish airmen and the car was completely restored and covered 60,000 miles in 45 years of ownership.
The vehicle was brought back to Elgin in 1995 and at that point when we first started the engine we realised just how quiet it is with its rather unusual wet sleeve linered engine.

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